Corporate Family Fun Day – THE IMPOSSIBLE MISSION

Your employees and their families’ taste is totally different and to solve this hard formula, you ONLY have one option which is “ SETUP EGYPT”
AS we consider every detail regarding your “CORPORATE FAMILY FUN DAY” starting from the venue, activities and all suppliers. We take care of every detail with love. Starting from inflatables, kids Activities, Shows, Snacks, Food Trucks and we still have more to show!
Be READY for
-Having a memorable day in your Company Car Parks or other unusual places
-Enhancing your employees’ productivity in your upcoming work
Do you think that it is hard to make everyone satisfied!?
NO WORRIES, we have different kinds of activities Fun and Modern and Technological.
We know the importance of “Corporate Family Fun Day”, as it has two major benefits; firstly, breaking down the barriers of the workplace. Secondly, spending a quality time with both colleagues and family.
This fun day will create a friendly environment between your employees by knowing each other well, as they always communicate through mails or phones ….etc. Accordingly, this will have effect regrading the work and reaching the company’s goals. Besides, this will make your workplace more harmonious and open.
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