Who are we ?

Since 2017, A Hannon started Setup Egypt to provide his 7 years Expertise through his career path to his own startup a full service provider & event Management Company located in Egypt.

SETUP creates non-forgettable events, occasions and customized thoughts!, for private and corporate folks. 

Why Setup Egypt ?

1.We conceptualize, plan, execute and manage various kinds of events according to our Clients’ needs and priorities.

2.we professionally deliver the best to our clients by taking into consideration the budget aligned with quality & fast delivery.

3.We ensure that our expert event coordinators and project managers can manage your event on-site, in practically any location.

4.We have an amazing team of talented individuals Our clients are always impressed with the results we deliver, but also enjoy seeing the teamwork that goes into creating something special behind the scenes.

5.We have the expertise to run a seamless event from A to Z, implement characteristic and unforgettable event experiences and we try to push conventional boundaries to deliver an optimal result, that’s why we are THE EVENT CRASHERS.

6.We do not believe in hidden costs, extras or surcharges.

Setup Egypt | Methodology

Our Methodology In Lines

01. Briefing

Clients approach us with a brief for an event or a specific Campaign, with their detailed objectives, Timelines, Budgets and Brand Guidelines.

02. Conceptualization

We brainstorm to come up with revolutionary and exceptional ideas that align with the brand’s Identity &Client Objectives.

03. Planning

We design the Event’s layout. We pay attention to every detail in the checklist and make sure that every element in the event is ready in the Pre-Production Phase.

04. Execution

Running of the Event , OUR EVENT CRASHERS work tirelessly to deliver a faultless experience that lasts for a life time.

05. Evaluation

After every Event, we evaluate the experience and results and get the Feedback from our Clients.


  • Play a key role in the events development era through MENA reign.
  • Become a best service provider and events management entity and create non-forgettable events for our clients.
  • Making our company a successful example in the years to come and go worldwide.
  • Incorporate in other Countries and develop into an International Corporation.


  • To ensure a worry free event with the best quality and reasonable price while meeting your requirements on prompt time.
  • To make sure that  your special day,  you and your guests can enjoy a grand event leaving with nothing to do except to enjoy your day. we’ll take care of the rest.
  • To inspire the world with our hard work and make difference in the events field.

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