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Conferences Management

If you have important Corporate Meeting or Conference coming up quickly on your schedule? Don’t stress our Crashers make the planning easy Whatever your Event was Corporate Sales , Leadership Meeting , Awards , Gala Dinner , Annual Conference , Annual Meeting – Single day or Multi-day Events

⇒ We host an in-house creative team that can design and create a unique environment for you event that fits perfectly with your message and Branding.

⇒ We will support you ensuring that the entire event is streamlined and stays on Schedule.

⇒ Setup Egypt here to give you the level of event management you desire by either becoming an extension of your company’s event planning department or by managing your entire event.

⇒ Our extensive event planning services include Event Branding and Audio Visual Services ensuring that your event has state-of-the-art, Contemporary special touches in AV and production support to make it effectively produce an outstanding, truly memorable and message focused.

Setup Egypt is proud to offer the following AV Services

Venue Booking

Stage Management

Stage Design

AV Services

Audience Engagement Tools

Simultaneous Translation

Sound System & Lighting

Led Screens

Photography & Videography




Simultaneous Translation equipment

Live Streaming

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